Welcome to Old Denmark – a website telling you what you always wanted to know about Denmark and the danes, but were afraid to ask.

Old Denmark is a first aid kit for the coming visitor or tourist as well as the accidental surfer, a guide to Denmark and all danish that gives you the great opportunity to explore Denmark from the comfortable surroundings of your own living room – or whereever you are situated.

Listen to the Danish national anthem (or one of them) : "Der er et yndigt land", read about the best known and most beautifull of all danish womens, and enjoy all the other informative texts about Denmark and the Danes. Also you may be lucky enough to find the animated version of the Danish flag Dannebrog hidden somewhere on the pages. Maybe you will want to end your visit with an original Danish recipee to try for yourself? Or you may end up clicking on some of the links guiding you to further information about old Denmark.

Hopefully the site will give you some usefull tips and information if you are planning to visit Denmark or just want to know more about this Nordic Country.

Old Denmark is made by an insider giving you all the details that can be so difficult to find for the outsider who “just has arrived to town”.

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about Denmark and the danes


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