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Old Denmark is a personal website made for the fun of it. All content is provided “as is” and without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. Always remember to check, doublecheck and validate any information carefully whereever you may have found it,think for yourself and avoid doing stupid things!

FAQs and Fanpost

Q: Do you by any chance happen to know Lone Hansen who lived in Kolding in 1953?

A: Hansen, Jensen, Petersen etc. are very common names in Denmark so even if its a small country with only about 5 million inhabitants no one knows everyone with that kind of family names.
If you want to get in contact with danes you know, or are looking for information about your Danish ancestors try some of the great search tools on the Net.

Q: I am visiting Copenhagen next month – could you recommend a cheap hotel?

A: Living in that abovementioned City I dont have much experience with the Hotels, and I’m afraid I will not be of much help to you. Sorry. But there’s a lot of places on the Net where you can find further information. Just to to give you one example Bed And Breakfast Planner.

Q: Is it true that danish women are riding naked on horsebacks?

A: Unfortunately I am not in a position to be able to confirme that assumption. But if anyone should posses further information I will be very glad if you would share it with me, and let me know where I can find those women.

Q: I am looking for a recipee on how to make Danish Ryebread, can you help me?

A: Sure I can but you should be aware that there are several ways to make Ryebread. Use some of the searchtools on the Net to find further information. Two usefull words are: ‘rugbrød’ (Ryebread in danish) and ‘opskrift’ (recipee in danish).

Q: Your page helped me a lot, I found all the information I needed for my…

A: Oh, thanks! Nice to know that you found my pages about Denmark and the Danes usefull.
But remember always to check your sources of information. Especially if you are using it for some paper your are doing at school. I could have given you wrong or misleading information.
Again: Always remember to critical analyse and evaluate information found on the Net – or elsewhere for that matter of sake – and: think for yourself.

Q: The head of the government is…

A: Thanks to all of you who reminded me that Denmark got a new government in 2001. Sure I had been a bit lazy. I intend to keep the website better updated in the future. Promise 🙂

Q: You are disgusting, you should be ashame of yourself…

A: Oh, I see. Well thank you very much for your feedback. But remember the alternatives are always only one single mouseclick away! So – if you dont like my point of view, just find some other site to enjoy or even: make your point of view known on the Net. On the Net we all have – at least for the time being – the change to express ourselves. The big guys with power will probably know how to put an end to that somewhere in the future..

Q: Do you read the feedback?

Sure, I read all the feedback and am course happy for and interested in all the different kinds of response I get. I also try to answer, but sometimes something comes in between. Sorry for that, if you never got an answer. I can assure you that the message was read, and thought about…

Q: Linkexchange. Would you like to exchange link?

Sure. If you have a site on a topic of relevancy for the visitors to Olddenmark.dk I will gladly consider to add a link to your site. Just use the contact form telling me the address of the page where you have added Olddenmark.dk. You are welcome to use this description: Olddenmark.dk – a guide to Denmark and all danish for the turist and the accidental surfer.
If you want a somehow longer description look here

Q: I cant find the page I was looking for!?

The site has undergone some changes. If the link you were using ended with .php (dot php) try to remove that part of the URL. Or else use the search function or go the content page. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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