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Expat in Denmark – a mixed experience

The Expat Study 2010 is intended to assess the qualities of Denmark as a place to work and live for foreigners.

That is done by is looking at different aspects of the life as an expats seen from the of view of the expatriates themselves: working in Denmark, standard of living, family life, social life and integration and public service an regulation.

According to the study the number of expats in Denmark has grown from 33.000 in 2008 to 41.500 in 2010.

The majority of participants in the study has come to Denmark looking for a job on their own, and appreciate the good work-life balance, the flexibility, trust and autonomy together with a relaxed and informal work culture.

Also personal security and the clean environment is highly rated in the study together with a – relatively seen – efficient public service. The possibility to communicate with authorities in english is also appreciated.

On the negative side is the costs of living, the taxation and the difficulties experienced when one try to get in contact with the Danes.

The Danes are to some extend regarded as closed off and difficult to form friendships with, even if the typical attitude of Danes toward foreigners is judged as positive.

The Expat Study can be downloaded for free as a pdf file from the Danish Expat website: expatindenmark.com.

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Published : 31. December 2010 - (Read 368 times)



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