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Danish kroner

Even if Denmark is a member of the European Union (EU) the currency used is still the Danish Krone, not the Euro.
Its pure symbolic. In reality the Danish Krone is bound very tight to the european currency and has always a value of between 7.43 and 7.45 dkr to 1 euro.

But it means that you have to get your hands on the national danish currency to make things easier for you, even if at some places the euro will be accepted for payments.

There are a lot of currency converters on the Net if you kneed to know the actual rates of exchange between your own currency and the european / danish.

Banks, banks, banks, – on every street corner

As a dane you never have to take many steps before you run into a bank. Sometimes you get impressions that there is a bank on every street corner, and the saying goes that more danish workers are employed taking care of the danes money, than there are workers employed taking care of their children.

The fact that there is a lot of banks should not give you the misleading impression that you will actually be able to obtain their service. The opening hours of the banks are limited to the hours between 10 am and 4 pm, with a few extras. But do not despair. ATM’s will handle your need for cold cash during the rest of the day at least if a mastercard or visacard are in your possession and you are able to remember your pincode.

ATMs are normally placed in connection with banks, and can also be found in airports, at railwaystations and in shopping malls.

If you need to exchange your euro-bills you will even be able to find the occasionally Forex at leat in Copenhagen where among other places the central railway station is housing a Forex department.

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Published : 5. December 2009 - (Read 310 times)


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