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Is easy to reach a beach in Denmark and there are a lot of fine beaches. There are only two problems. The water is usually freezing cold and there are only a few hot summer days each year. Nevertheless, when the Danes get the chance they are swarming to the beaches to enjoy a good time with friends and family.

North of Copenhagen you will find the short (700 metres) but very popular Bellevue Beach. On a hot summerday the beach is crowded with a lot of beautiful long legged Danish girls in tiny bikinies.
Also in the southern part of Copenhagen there are fine beaches on the island of Amager and along the Bay of Koge, (Køge Bugt).

On the northern part of Zealand beaches can be found around Gilleleje, Tisvilde and Liseleje.

My personal favourite is Liseleje Strand, a beautifull beach, where it is also very easy to find a Summer House for rent.

By choosing this solution you both get the opportunity to enjoy the sunny days at the beach, and stay close to all the attractions in the Copenhagen area.

At least it is a good plan b for the, well, not so sunny days.

Liseleje Beach - North Zealand - one of the finest beaches in Denmark

On the west coast you will find Stillinge Strand and Bildsø strand.

Further down south on the west coast of Zealand there is another well known beach called Kobæk strand (near the town of Skælskør) and on the southern part, near the city of Næstved, there are a fine beach at Karrebæksminde. On the island of Falster south of Zealand you will find the beach of Marielyst.

The west coast of the peninsula Jutland (Jylland) is famous for its beaches. The island of Romo (Rømø) have magnificent wide sandy beaches. Situated close to the border on Germany the island and the rest of the Jutland west coast is of course crowded with Germans during summer, but there are plenty of space. Near the town of Varde, there are some great beaches like Blåvandshuk strand, Vejers strand, and Henne Strand. The Northern part of Jutland (Vendsyssel and Thy) also have great beaches around the small villages of Blokhus and Lokken (Løkken) to mention just two examples. And on the top of Jutland you will find the charming city of Skagen. But be aware that bathing along the west coast of Jutland is not always as safe as on the others beaches of Denmark.

“The summer of 1989 in Denmark was considered one of the best. But for me this summer was colder than the coldest winter I had experienced in my place in India!”. (From the Indian anthropologist G. Prakash Reddy: Danes are like that, Denmark 1993, p.20)

At the eastcoat of the peninsula Jutland there are plenty of fine beaches. You will find one of them just south of the second largest Danish city Århus at Moesgaard Strand. And it is only of many beaches just around that city.

East of Denmark the island Bornholm is a popular resort for tourist from Sweden, Denmark and Germany and other countries.
It is easy to reach Bornholm from the Capitol, Copenhagen, but you have to go through Sweden (!!!) and use the ferry from there.
The landscape of Bornholm is a bit different from the landscape in the rest of Denmark. Bornholm is known as Klippeøen, – the rocky island – but on the south, at Dueodde, you will find a very nice and popular beach.

If you are looking for a Danish Beach or for further information about one take a look at the Visitdenmark’s Beachguide or the the Danish Beachguide.

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