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Food is an important factor in the everyday life of a normal Dane.

The Danes eat a lot and thanks to the heavy industrialized, EU-subsidised and protected Danish agriculture there is plenty of food.

One of the specialities is pig breeding. (Ever heard about Danish bacon?) .

At any time the total number of pigs in Denmark are more than 13 mill. It means there are more than twice as many pigs as human beings in this little country.

In total more than 23 million pigs are being breeded every year.

You will find pig farms everywhere in Denmark, but the highest concentration of pig farms can be found on the Peninsula of Jutland and the island of Bornholm . Also on the island of Funen the concentration of pig farms is high in some areas.

An advice if you are planning to do a vacation in Denmark . Choose an area without pig farms 😉

Or you could end up in a situation like the German family on vacation in Denmark, once told about in a Danish newspaper. The family demanded to get a refund after they rented a house for their vacation. They found the house surrounded by pig farms and couldn’t stand the smell.

Actually the huge number of pigs breeded means that every year feces and urine from the animals are spread in the nature in a quantity that equals the feces and urine from 100 million human beings.

And if its not pigs then its chickens. 121 milion of chickens are raised and slaughtered every year!

Sources: Praktisk Økologi, nr. 3/2000, maj-juni – Landbruget tager kvĂŠlergreb pĂ„ den danske natur;

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Published : 5. December 2003 - (Read 510 times)


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