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Danish ‘hygge’

A great part of the year darkness rules in Denmark. From the beginning of October until the end of March, the lack of sufficient daylight influences the average Dane’s mental health. One of the means that the Danes are mobilizing against this gloomy period of darkness is the Danish ”Hygge”.

”Hygge” is a way for the Danes to establish comfortability indoors. One of the primary instruments for doing so are the candles. In the long dark period of the year, the Danes gather at home in the gleam of the candlelight. Lots of candle light. And of course, if there is a fireplace in the house, the wood is set on fire. Together with the candles goes some kind of hot drink. Hot chocolate, coffee or tea or maybe a bottle of wine…

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Published : 3. December 2003 - (Read 444 times)



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