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Where to shop

There are plenty of shopping opportunities and its possible to buy almost everything you could ever think of. You just need the money – or a creditcard 😉

Shopping malls

You will be able to find shopping malls in all danish towns except for the tiniest.

In Copenhagen at least two of the bigger shopping malls Fields (Fields Metro Station) and Fisketorvet (Dybbølsbro Station) are situated near public transportation – and a number of smaller shopping malls like for example Amager Centret (Amagerbro Metro Station) and Frederiksberg Centret (Frederiksberg Metro Station) can also be reached very easily with public transportation.

The pedestrian street

Strøget, Copenhagen, summer 2003
Strøget, Copenhagen, summer 2003

Almost all Danish towns have some kind of a shopping street in the center, usually a pedestrian street. The most famous of them all is the pedestrian street in Copenhagen: “Strøget”, (literally: the sweep, pronounced “stroeyĂŠt”).

Strøget, which was initiated in 1962 as a carfree pedestrian zone in the central city of Copenhagen, connects two of the City’s main squares: the City Hall Square (RĂĽdhuspladsen) , the central town square by the Copenhagen City Hall at the western end, and on the east end Kongens Nytorv (“The King’s New Square”). It consist of several connected streets and it is one the longest of its kind in Europe.

It is also rather crowded. About 250.000 visitor are passing through Strøget each day during the summer season. If it is getting to crowded try some of the streets running in parallel.

If you are looking for some of the more fashionable shopping opportunities in Copenhagen just start your journey at the east end of Strøget.

The daily supplies: Supermarkets

There are several competing supermarket chains in Denmark.
The two dominating Chains are the Danish Supermarket (a branch of the dominating Maersk company) and the Coop chain.

The last one mentioned has its origin in the 19th. century Cooperative movement and was inspired by the Manchester Rochdale Cooperative who started a user owned shop in 1844. It all means that the Coop chain is owned by its own costumers.

Coop stays behind supermarkets like Kvickly, Superbrugsen and Fakta.

In the area around the capital you can also find the Irma supermarkets. They are more expensive than the former mentioned.

The other chain mentioned – The Danish Supermarket – stands behind supermarkets like Bilka, Foetex and Netto. Especially the last one is a terrible experience seen form the costumers point of view, but very popular.

The cheapest supermarkets are the German chains: Aldi and Lidl together with Netto and Fakta.

Especially the Aldi supermarkets can be difficult to find because a part of the business concept is to place the supermarkets at places where the rent is small. If you are on a budget or just doesnt want to throw away your money those four supermarkets are the supermarkets to go for.

Most of the above mentioned chains are publishing their prices on their homepages so if you a want a general impression about the level of prices just click and have a look.

Also notice I have no connections of any kind with the companies and services mentioned above, except that of the regular or accidental user of their services.

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