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Getting around: Trains and Buses

The farway is arriving
The Fairway is arriving, – as bridges has been build the opportunity to experience a travel with a fairway between the different parts of Denmark has been reduced. (Hundested-Rørvig, summer 2003)

Even if there are some domestic air flights most Danes uses their car or go by bus or train when they are travelling domestically.

The country is well covered by a net of highways that guarantees that the Danes will be able to do the short distances in the small country fast and effectively. The Danes are always in a hurry.

Railways are connecting the Danish cities. Regional buses – generally timed to connect with the trains – will handle the rest.

The Danish Railways is obviously (and unfortunately for people depending on their service) in a process of downgrading / privatization and is today in a rather miserable standard, maybe except for the connections between the four cities: Copenhagen, Odense, Aarhus and Aalborg.

If you are on a budget a cheaper if not comfortable way to travel domestically is by the net of buses which are connecting the bigger cities as an alternative to the railways.

Passing the bridge between Fyn and Zealand
Passing the bridge between Fyn and Zealand – no trepassing for bikers (summer 2008)

Another option is of course to rent a car, but this can be rather expensive in Denmark.

Then there is the bike. If you are staying in a local area like the the Capitol, Copenhagen, for more than a few days, just do as the danes, get a bike. A bike will fullfill all your need of transportation. It is even possible to get around in the rest of country with this efficient but cheap mean of tranportation.

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