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Normally the working condition and the wages in Denmark are regulated through agreements between the unions and employers.

Therefore if you want to know what level of wages you can expect from a given job you should contact the union that organize the workers in your area.

Notice that the danish labour market generally is thoroughly organized.
The agreements between unions and employers regulates among other things the minimum wage you can expect for a given job.
Its not looked upon with friendly eyes if you are trying to sell your workpower for a cheaper prize.

Also its common to be an organized member of the union. Most unions are present on the Internet.
Be aware of and escape the few "yellow" unions that are operating on the Danish labourmarket

On a per hour basis wages can be anything from about 100dkr upwards (or lesser if you are not working legally). Notice that the wages also depends on your age.

Skattefar” – the taxdaddy – takes his part of the legally earned money. It is generally accepted – the Danes know that the taxes to a great part are financing common goods: hospitals, education, the social security system etc. They do not end in the pocket of some corrupt politician.

In the year 2007 the average dane (who do not exist) had an income of about 274.000 dkr.

But of course some have a much smaller income. Just to give an example: the basic retirement pension for singles is about 11106 dkr. before taxes, per month for singles, lesser for maried couples.

On the website workindenmark (published by an governement institution) the following data are published:

A typical Danish family’s expenses are proportioned as follows:
1 Accommodation and maintenance 22%
2 Food, drink and tobacco 17%
3 Transport and communication 17%
4 Other goods and services, such as childcare 13%
5 Equipment for leisure activities, entertainment 11%
6 Heating and electricity 7%
7 Furniture 6%
8 Clothes and shoes 5%
9 Medicine and medical expenses 2%

More information directed at foreign jobseekers can be found in the above mentioned page.

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